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Kamplain Machine Company is an equal opportunity employer.

Qualified applicants are encouraged to submit their resume with a cover letter to the
following address. Please mention the position you are applying for.

Kamplain Machine Company, Inc.
Attention: Human Resources
6360 La Pas Trail
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Your resume and cover letter can also be emailed to the following email address. Only
documents in .doc and .pdf format will be accepted. You can also fax this information to the
fax number shown below.

email Human Resources

download application form

Kamplain Machine Comapny is an equal opportunity employer.

At present, there are no current employment opportunities.

Kamplain Machine Company, Inc.
6360 La Pas Trail, Indianapolis, IN 46268-2511
Phone 317-388-9111 Fax 317-388-9124
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